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She sits at her typewriter,
She tells the story untold,
Taking the time to make it perfect,
She writes and it all unfolds

A story of love, 
A story of pain,
She writes through the night,
Till every page has been slain.

She pours out her heart, 
A teardrop on each page,
Staining the page with her hurt,
Spilling all her rage

A story of a girl misunderstood,
Looking for her place,
Feeling lost in the world,
Writing with such haste

She writes and writes,
The story comes to an end,
She’s told it all,
She’s left to pretend

She hides the pages,
She continues her days,
With that fake smile,
Not changing her ways

Her life is one big show,
Hiding the pain and the tears,Pretending she’s alright,
But she’s been pretending for years.

She deserves the world,
She settles for less, 
She deserves the world,
But her heart will never confess..

It’s not worth it..

Hey, you’re beautiful,
Did you know?
Amazing and unique,
Like a single flake of snow.

Life gets hard, 
It’s not a fun game,
And when people quit,
It’s more than a shame..

One less smile,
One less heartbeat,
One less student,
And an empty seat..

Dont do something permanently stupid,
You’re only temporarily upset,
Dont do this now, 
Dont do something you’ll regret.

I know that it hurts,
I’ve been pushed, and shoved,
I’ve felt your pain too,
But I’m telling you, you’re loved.

You’re tough, you’re strong,
I’ve seen your battle scars.
Just take a deep breath,
And a gaze at the stars..

Take a good look,
Let your mind wander,
But tell me you wont,
Dont leave me to wonder..

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