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You were the lightning that shot through my veins and ignited my soul. Your image burned into my mind like a thousand eternal suns. Filled with more mystery than stars in the night sky, I could never completely comprehend you or your exquisite finesse. To me you were heaven on Earth, you filled me with a joy I had never felt before and you taught me how to truly love, but you… Full of a sadness that never left your eyes. Like you could never find your place or a happiness you deserved, and I tried to give you it all but it was never enough to start that fire in your heart that you needed, and now I’m left to walk endlessly without you.. With a sadness in my eyes.. And fireless heart.

Forgetting you

I lie here, my minds racing,
Taking shots, vodka chasing,

My minds blank,
Yet it’s full of you,
To the bottom I sank,
Of the ocean blue.

Down another drink just to clear my head,
To forget you and move on,
Better stop before I end up dead,
But I can’t till this bottles gone.

You kept me whole,
You kept me sane,
You took my soul,
You gave me pain.

An empty shell,
That’s what you left behind,
I see you’re well,
I wish life would rewind.

I’d beg you to stay,
I’d hold you tight,
Change my ways,
Till everything’s right..

Give me this chance,
Take my hand, we’ll take a leap,
Give me this dance,
Save me before I do more than sleep…

I miss…

I miss the days when a whispered, “i love you” made you melt,
I miss the days when my love for you was all I felt..

I miss the nights we spent together,
Dreaming we’d be together forever…

Remember when we’d talk all night,
Remember when it felt so right?
I miss having you there for me,
On the nights that I could barely breathe..

I miss hearing your siren song,
Pulling me in didnt take long..
I miss the way you kiss my neck,
Girl you just make me an emotional wreck..

Remember when you found me,
A lonely sailor lost at sea..
You were my northern star,
With you it never felt far..

I was out, alone and on my own,
But now I had you to call home..
I miss those nights under the stars..
I miss driving our fast cars..

As long as it was with you,
I didn’t care what we would do.
I miss sailing in clear skies,
Telling you how my love never dies..

I miss it all to the moon and back,
When I see you, my heart’s under attack…
I miss all the silly things you do..
But I think most of all.. I miss you.

Sixteen and Stupid.

I was sixteen and stupid.

I’d spent years chasing, hoping and wishing,
When I probably should have kept on fishing.

Like a love song, or romantic cliché,
I fell in love with you that very first day.

I talked to you everyday, promised you I’d never leave,
Never lied to you and wore my heart on my sleeve.

I was sixteen and stupid when I stole that first kiss,
I didn’t know you’d be the one my heart was to forever miss.

That kiss changed it all, I was happy beyond belief,
Little did I know, that kiss was like the first autumn leaf…

Once that first leaf falls, the rest begin to fade,
I had no idea of the terrible mess I just made.

One by one, they fell away. Another leaf gone with every kiss it seemed,
Our days were numbered and our autumn tree started to lean…

It held strong while the storm blew in,
But your love was too sweet a sin…

It came down all at once,
Crashing down like ten thousand tons.

Those eyes that used to make my heart soar,
Were now the ones I could look at no more..

Of you, my heart and mind are forever polluted,
My god… I was sixteen and stupid.

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